The Timelessness of old Friendships

IMG_5536One of the blessings of cancer has been seeing lots of friends, old and newer, over the last 2 years.  En route to Martha’s Vineyard we had a family dinner with one of my dear friends from my GS training program. Ironically she had just gone through the hell of a double mastectomy and reconstruction so we had more than our normal lives to compare notes on. She is so brave. What I love is hat the years melt away. It is easy to talk, and of course in my head we don’t even look much different than when we sat in the GS auditorium almost 25 years ago! A lifetime passes, but the good friends always endure, and there is something immensely healing being with those who have seen you over those many chapters, even if here are big gaps in between. How funny that as I’m writing this “Oh What a Night” just came on the radio—-my all time favorite Hong Kong dance song. And that itself brings back a million memories of my work adventures and some of my favorite friends who will always hold a place in my heart and put. Smile on my face.

IMG_5527Think about the moment the door opens and you see a face you haven’t seen in a decade and you take in that hug. It just feels right and easy. I always want more time, but I think I’m doing a good job at seeing these wonderful people who have made up my life. I hope that continues. And now, another song comes on the radio from Rihanna where she is singing Round and around and around and around we go. It says a lot but the funny part is that was what Melissa set it as an alarm on my 40th birthday Backroads multi sport trip in Baanf Lake Louise such that I went from loving it to hating it but 4 years later that puts a smile on my face in itself.

IMG_5512So as I look back on 2017 so far Feb thru May was a life of bed to couch to meal and back. I was so frail and thin. The turn happens when you aren’t looking. Paris marked the turning point where maybe Eribulin started doing its job and I’ve been able to walk and feel better. So I feel we have given the kids a good summer and ive been able to savor city and mountains and soon beach and then some more mountains. In Gebruary we wondered whether I would even see another summer. Now I will wonder the same for 2018 but am optimistic. I have felt some new bruising in my right ribs, but the scans looked ok. Now remember my bones are covered in cancer, but I like to think that with the tumor markers plunging that the cancer is less active and it a period of relative stability where we are managing the pain well. The bloating is still a bummer from the fluids. My hair is hilarious and I have an upside down T growing in back as well as baby bird hair on my head. The scarves will be around for a long time!

We hope to have our newest song hit Spotify this fall. Jamie solos fabulously and in harmony. We will work on my “Reeind” later in the fall.

I have read a load more books but will just highlight my favorite Israeli spy in the eerily prescient Daniel Silva’s most recent “House of Spies” and then a fascinât look at a small hockey town by Frederick Backman, author of my favorite A Man Called Ove. This one is a bit darker and tackles sexual assault after what is some excellent hockey writing, even for those of us who only watch short spurts of it. On the Vineyard I will head into the land of thrillers with Harvard friend and prolific writer Gregg Hurwitz. I think I’m going to revisit the idea of self publishing my book this fall. I have some editing and reformatting and then will hope it appeals.

Thank you as always for the wonderful books, salts (an amazing scrub from Osea came blank but I love!) and flowers and visits. All continue to be great medicine. So grateful for all of you. Hope summer is treating you so well. Take a deep breath. Savor the day. If it started on the wrong foot take another breath and wallow for a minute but try to choose happiness.  Xo

One thought on “The Timelessness of old Friendships

  1. I really enjoyed reading this as I visited the small town yesterday in New Jersey where I spent my Junior & Senior year of high school and haven’t been back there since graduating 28 years ago.

    After growing up in Los Gatos, CA my mom decided to remarry and relocate to New Jersey. That was tough for me at 16 with high school graduation in sight. A sweet girl at my new school befriended me and introduced me to people and pretty quickly I felt like I had made new friends.

    Yesterday, we took a quick drive through the town in New Jersey and stopped for lunch. The hostess walked up to seat us and it was her, Marianna. Like neither of us had skipped a beat, we gave each other a big hug. It was a really special day. Old friends, whether you keep in touch or reunite, are invaluable.

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