Fishing Zen on Stalker Creek

IMG_5545A divine day with Dad and the kids on Nature Conservancy’s Stalker Creek provided true fishing zen. Everyone caught their fair share of rainbow and brown trout. Nothing trophy, but the chase is still fun, and as I always find half the fun is having an excuse to stand in the middle of a beautiful creek gazing at the mountains. Silver Creek fishing guide Mike made us look like great fisherman and kept the dreaded knots out of our rods. Nice. Stalker is a slow moving stream so you have to sneak up on the fish. Funny and fun.

I tore through the most recent in my all time favorite spy series, Daniel Silvia’s House of Spies. This might be his best ever. He is terribly prescient and the books do a good job wrapping in history, scarily current terrorism, glamorous people and then world class spies with bad ass Israeli Gabriel Allon as the lead character. I can never put them down.

Im still feeling good, and have been so grateful to be able to walk and swim a bit everyday. Let us hope this is the summer of living and this stays the norm. I am tapering the steroid and hope that helps soon. Mom and Dad continue to spoil us with delicious dinners and fun outings. I’m loving seeing the kids claim their independence on bikes, in the pool, in the river.

Happy summer to all!

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