Sun Valley: post chemo euphoria

IMG_5524.JPGI’m writing from the hammock by the creek. This is rough duty. It is a steamy afternoon, and I will write until Im lulled into a nap. All my numbers were better on Monday and platelets just high enough for a good dose of chemo. Despite this I have felt surprisingly good all week, slept well, and been able to walk and swim. Life is simple here. Zero stress when my only obligations are sleep, eating mom’s awesome food, a little exercise, hanging with the kids and family, and reading. A true privilege in every way. Wow. I just try to say thank you everyday and savor the fact that I’m getting a summer I didn’t know I would get. Oh I’m happy to be back in the mountains.

In Walk to Listen a 29yr old tells of his 4000 mile, loosely planned walk across the south of the US, Texas, Death Valley and finally to Half Moon Bay. He tells the eclectic stories of those he encounters in lives so very different from his own in Philadelphia. Several other birthday books were set in France (The Little French Bistro, French Wedding, French Words, a Bruno mystery set in a chateau) also US based The Nest. All seem to have the common thread of midlife crises and move from Paris to abrittany or similar. Light and easy, but also a reminder perhaps to try to be happy in your life and communicate early rather than waiting until it all breaks. Right now I’m armchair travelling through the French Alps via Mountain Lines in which another 29yr old sets out to walk with almost no planning. Quite funny, and I love the setting. Happy memories of many family hiking trips to Switzerland from London.

Penley is like a different dog here. She is walking fast. We enjoyed the 4th at a friend’s ranch where they have restored 40 ponds and the land hosts bald eagles, antelope, cattle, etc. Fun to see it all in action. The days melt into one another, and we have quickly lost track of dates and time. Hard to believe we were headed to Paris one month ago. This has been a good stretch minus one rough week in May. Phew. So we continue to work with Eribulin and hope for some more effective drugs.

A few more quotes for you to enjoy:

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.


Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.


A few fly bites cannot stop a spirited horse.


Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go out and do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.


I find ecstasy in living — the mere sense of living is joy enough.


I know it is hard to live these words. The normal world of bills and raising kids and traffic stop us in our best intentioned tracks, but for me cancer at least forces me to stop and  try to reverse the negative thoughts. Life at its core is so damned good for most of us. It is brutally hard for many too, and I suspect I can’t begin to imagine what those lives are like. So I keep reading and trying to understand.

I hope you are getting a chance to love summer, whether you are on an exotic trip, in a national park, or just savoring a crunchy, buttery cornnon the cob or a cold root beer float. Love to all and huge thanks for all the outpouring of love and belief.

One thought on “Sun Valley: post chemo euphoria

  1. So glad you’re doing well and enjoying sun valley. Who’s Penly? Did you get a new dog? Hope all continues to go well. Love to your mom and dad. Linda

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