Blown away by YOU!



I wasn’t BLOWN away by Wall of you who made the show last night. You helped me forget about a nasty cold and chemo fatigue. As I said I just wanted to drink you all up. Savor every second taking in your beautiful smiles and chatter and dance grooves. I live for the band and in turn it extends my life. No question. Once my voice is in motion I’m filled with hope and strength and joy again. And i love the interplay in the band, just being able to admire the expertise and pure music happiness. So very lucky. I think you will see more of us in that perfect I intimate venue.

Some shout outs to my Stanford Kappas who helped dominate the front row. I hadn’t see many of you in years, and you are more dazzling and accomplished than ever but still able to take it all with a laugh. Thrilling.

To dear family friends east, south who endured the noise and brought their boogie. It meant the world to me.

To the clients who I now call dear friends who burn the candle at both ends and still come with their a game and a smile. Humbling.

To the steady fans who make us feel special and lookout confident enough to keep trying new songs and the risk our pride on originals. We love you.

As usual the show revved me up so it took forever to fall asleep and I woke up early for me. Back in bed now to let Tuesday chemo start to work. A good day for fog. .

I still get deeply sad  and scared about dying early. Had a good ol cry after watching Captain Fantastic. But the only solution is to continue to strive for nights like last, family dinners, the ongoing simple pleasures that Im very spoiled and blessed to have.

At last look white blood cell counts look great, liver function ok, and red platelets low. So onward.

Will send more pics as they stream in over next week or so.



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