Singing at Neck of the Woods 5/31 8-10pm: Birdseed….come join the joy!

Birdseed will be playing next WEdnesday 5/31 from 8-10pm on the top level of Neck of the Woods on Clement and 6th avenue. Will go in with since my energy wanes early. While we love the privilege of playing venues like The Independent or GreatAmerican, so,times it is awfully fun just to com together for a low key evening of easy music. We ar keeping tickets FREE so just spend freely at the bar 😊

Will be a mix of old, new, and two new originals. Be patient with us on those. Here are the lyrics for mine which as always is more simplistic than Mason’s but which I wrote during a pensive week last year. The whole band works together to turn these into real music and both will be recorded in June to add to our now 5 strong Spotify offering.


do we get to do it all again? is it really deja vu?

if I let go do I come back again? Come back again with all of you?

What if we could rewind, live it all one more time  get the hours back  live life on every track

what if we could rewind, turn the clocks back on time? say that witty line, pick stocks just in time. What if we could rewind do it all one more time, what paths would we explore? Always wanting more

Moutain lion surveys the scene , watching sunrise across the peaks she looks slowly up into my eyes  says give it all another try

bridge: and every turn off took us brought us here nothing I ever did or ever said was wasted  I’ve got no regrets, I’ve shed my reward. Every adventure truly was tasted.

So I stop he rewind in my mind  I say thanks for all behind me  all that made life what it is today  all that’s evil all that’s kind

What if we could rewind live itall one more time? Body lean body strong, body healthy nothing wrong. What if we could rewind cast a bold shadow lov all the high Lows

What if we could rewind x3.  There’s no need need to rewind

Today is round 2 of the new chemo  so far I seem to have a bit more energy and just low grade nausea  so faring ok as I take one day at a time and slowly rebuild stamina

thank you for the scattered flowers, bath salts, green drinks (to offset my naughty sugar habits) and superb books. A joy. Truly.

We sure miss our Thea but know now that her death had Ben coming for awhile  perhaps her soul will pop in to my brother’s new adopted dog! Why not?!

Love to all  I know this is a crazy time of year for everyone with end of school, graduations, work, life life life. Hang in and savor the smells of summer as they unfold soon



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