Saying Auf Wiedersein to Thea, best dog ever

IMG_4799Today we will have to take the heartbreaking move of putting our 16.5 year old Thea to sleep. It has been awhile coming with more fragility and senility, eating rocks, trash! My favorite was when I turned to see her standing on the actual dishwasher to sneak tidbits. She manifested tumors in 2015 when my cancer came back. She has laid by me through almost every nap. And she has given us such unconditional love. I would like to believe we will find each other again.

Creighton and I adopted her from Pets Unlimited/SPCA when he returned from Iraq and before we had Will. She was our both feet in commitment to the next phases of grown up life. In the early years she was happy walking 6-10 miles a day. She stayed fast and perky until about April.

My mom always says that dogs show us life on fast forward. We watch their bodies transform at the end as they lose eyesight, hearing, experience senility. True for Thea but she still. Enjoyed the garden and her walks until almost the end. I will miss her so very much. She has been such a spirit lifter for me during cancer both times. So if you see any of us crying on the fly please know that is why. It is the end of an era and, as other dog lovers will know, a deeply sad goodbye.

3 thoughts on “Saying Auf Wiedersein to Thea, best dog ever

  1. “Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”
    Milan Kundera

    Creighton, Kerry, Will and Bebe,
    I am so sorry Thea is gone. She was so sweet and a healer, for sure. Sending my deepest sympathies in this difficult time. Dogs are magical and all are irreplaceable.

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  2. We first met Thea outside Starbucks in Laurel Village. We watched you love her from a scraggly rescue to a stunning beauty, a glorious beast who gave nothing but love and with whom we had the joy of being friends. When we dogsat we barely made it down the sidewalk bc EVERYONE would stop, pet, and ask about her. How about the time Fernanda called us in a panic when Thea was lost in the woods for hours…. her leash had attached to a stump and she was stuck!

    Love Jeanne’s oulook and Kristene’s Kundera quote. ❤️


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