Out of Towners and Ode to Mom

IMG_4085This week I savored a visit from my GS analyst roommate dating back 22 years and felt good enough to take a short walk at Lands End, in the magnificent Marin Headlands just by the bridge, and to enjoy my favorite dim sum at Yank Sing as well as a little shop at the beautiful Found by Maje on Sacramento. She was lucky enough as you can see with this light to experience the best of SF spring. My aunt and uncle came in from North Dakota for a special family dinner at Aquerello that we scooted from June to March when we were told my time could be more limited. Their phenomenal present was to tame my garden, and I’m writing you, happy as a clam, from a sunny, calm, and far happier garden.  Mom and Dad trekked up to host us. And today I was also visited by a dear old GS colleague. I admired his eloquent 14 yr old twins who I first oohed and aahed over head to head in their makeshift crib. Old friendships bring back special memories.

I have , no kidding, still been too lazy to make it to the co,outer on the 3rd floor to go through the gorgeous photos Sarah had done. Pathetic but true. Napping often derails me. I was able to get chemo on Monday. Phew, but I forget that it does come with the price of fatigue. I’m trying to rebuild stamina with slow short walks. Ah…..the long road to patience. Daunting, humbling.

Kids have been great. Bebe only agreed to go to a recommended family counselor with our lab Penley. We hope Will will do the same. Will in fifth grade has had to write odes, and despite their being dedicated so far to his bed and video games, they rather  well written. So if I gave an ode to Mom, it would be: Mom is beaufiul, kind, loving, and ever chic. She is ageless despite always being herself, and will never peak! She still loves me as if I’m her baby and speaks her mind bravely. Mom taught me resilience if not patience! Her presence calms me and reminds me to stay strong. Mom’s often get he short end and aren’t told just how much they are loved, and yet they make our worlds go round. As you can see this is  no poem, just a little declaration of thanks and love!

Tonight I will pull it together to sing a set at the Hamlin gala. It will be a treat. Thanks to those who have been loving http://www.birdseedband.com

life is very oddly one day at a time. I have been spoiled, happily, by bath salts, gorgeous flowers, lovingly made or bought yummy goods, eye masks, luscious lip balms or candles or lotions. Never underestimate how much you all make my day and help me continue the fight. Sorry for the unproofed writing and again slow responses on visits or otherwise. Just doing my best in a very odd situation. I suppose that’s naive to name it such when death itself is the most natural act in the world, but I’m still getting over the fear and continue to work on the acceptance while always fighting the good fight. Hoping that this spring is my renewal too.


Love kerry



4 thoughts on “Out of Towners and Ode to Mom

  1. Kerry – I don’t know if you remember me, but I went to Exeter with you. While at Exeter I always saw you as an incredibly strong, intelligent, and beautiful person– and now after reading your blogs and your story, I feel that way more than ever. I found your blog though a mutual friend of ours on FB, and I have spent the last two hours of this Friday afternoon reading it. I am absolutely amazed by you and your strength, and your battle has brought me to tears. I just want you to know that people you probably haven’t ever thought of in your adult life are sending you love and hope and everything uplifting we can possibly send. My heart is breaking for you, Creighton, and your children, and it is so evident how much love and happiness and inspiration you have brought to your family and friends and this world. And that will always remain. I wish for you peace, comfort, blue skies, and wide open spaces. All my best, Megan (Pels) Carney

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  2. Dearest Kerry,
    Sending you bursts of love, peace, comfort, blessings, and gratitude.
    I carry you in my heart and am thankful for the perspective you have brought to my life through your words, beauty, honesty, and grace.
    I am such a fan of your music!
    I listen to your songs and feel soothed and inspired. I especially love “I Want You to Know”.
    I see you. I hear you. I feel you.
    With love,


  3. Dear Kerry,
    I have been reading your blog, and following you on this journey. I have listened to your music, and love your songs. I am in awe of your strength, and inspired by your way of seeing the beauty in everything. As a mother, I cannot even begin to imagine what you have been through and what you continue to go through. You do life with such grace, and beauty. You are truly amazing.
    Sending you strength, and many hugs, all the way from Rome.


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