Spring in SF

The roller coaster continues even within a single day. This morning I slept til almost 10 and was frustratingly short of breath from low platelets, but then C and the kids and some dear friends fed me foie gras to feed the platelets, and a gorgeous nourishing lunch. And I felt good enough. I took 2 short walks up 5th and 6th avenues to savor the absurdly beautiful day and then soaked up sun in the garden. I am admittedly such a nerd about spring for I love that so much hibernates and then blooms anew. It isn’t so different from some of the cancer treatments which strip you nearly to the bone and then you bounce back. Or at least keep trying. I love watching every new bloom in the garden and the neighborhood. It truly makes me smile. Such a nerd.

My godson Sully. He gave me a full kiss

as a formerly salesperson I will have to keep apologizing for being horrifically behind on thank you’d for the lovely flowers, soups, books, bath salts, treats, you name it  I have always prided myself on responding promptly so just know how grateful I am, know that it all makes such a difference, that every treat or card or surprise lifts me up and is like medicine. Being spoiled does help! But I’m sorry if I’m not always back in touch  thank you for understanding as sometimes I’m just so damned tired and I can’t deal with a screen.

Tomorrow will be a big day with blood draw at 7, platelets at 8, port surgery at 10:30, Rugo at 12:30, and chemo at 1:40. But it feels like we are hitting the cancer head on and somehow that wil help me change course for the better. I have been sad to cancel so many trips but am holding out for spring break and PARIS!

The kids continue to be rockstars and mature beyond their years. It sucks, but we are being as open as possible. Our friends have found the right balance between offering play dates and sleepovers and understanding that sometimes the kids just want to cocoon. If you haven’t yet go watch the http://www.birdseedband.com video and help us make that and I Want You to Know on Spotify go viral 🌞😊

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