I Want You to Know now on Spotify

IMG_4588So in addition to our awesome video that is on http://www.birdseedband.com our newest song I Want You to Know” is now on Spotify. Kudos to Mason and Jamie for writing something so beautiful. Enjoy and spread the word.

Today was a higher energy today. Platelets were too low for chemo, but Monday I will have labs, platelet infusion, port surgery, and abraxine chemo. One day at a time.

A friend shared an exquisite poem to me written by his brilliant daughter and I hope they won’t mind me sharing the last magnificent line of it  it made me cry and smile:

sometimes the best way to cheat death is to ignore it until you have no choice but to submit to its greedy grasp- immortalize yourself by the years you’ve lived and not the ones you wished you did.

i mean….brilliant. Nails it. My life right is a daily exercise of balancing acceptance with fierce hope, striving to leave a legacy, savoring every breath Im still given, and believing I will get months and maybe in some crazy happenstance years. I might also just get weeks.  But anyone could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Life is so fragile and fleeting, thrilling, invigorating, frustrating and fabulous. We take too much of it for granted and yet we still have to slog through many daily responsibilities. It can’t all be live for the day. There is still real life. But I sure try to practice gratitude for I am humbled everyday by the love that is pouring in. What powerful medicine. I am a lucky girl.

Im going to re read Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life and also dig into The TibetAn Book of Living and Dying. Such a mystery.

I laugh more than I cry now. We met with hospice and that gave me comfort to Know we can turn it on in a heartbeat. Preparation does indeed help conquer some of the fear.

Thank you for all the sunshine you are bringing into my time here.

Love to all.  Have a fantastic weekend . Wake up tomorrow and sip in the fresh air, notice something new in your garden or on a walk, call someone you ve been meaning to or just surprise them with a postcard. Eat something delicious. Women- compliment yourself and appreciate that you are gorgeous right now. Hug someone hard. Dance. Just because.


2 thoughts on “I Want You to Know now on Spotify

  1. Dearest Kerry,
    Yesterday, I was honored to receive the link to this magnificent, beautiful, and illuminating blog from a mutual colleague at GS. I have been humbled by your beauty, courage, wisdom, radiance and inspiration. I have been soaking in your words, listening to your beautiful voice and music with Birdseed, watching your joy and beauty in the wonderful video on the Birdseed website, and just embracing all that you are teaching me. I can’t stop singing your songs. They resonate so deeply and are beautiful. They will be added to my playlist today!
    I want you to know that I am holding you and your family up in prayer with all the love, peace, and comfort I can muster. Your beautiful imprint on this earth is a thing to behold and cherish. Thank you for so poignantly reminding me that each and every breath is precious. I will embrace every moment and slow down to stop and really notice, take it all in, and think of you every time I do it.
    Sending you strength, blessings, so much love, and wishes for joyous miracles each and every day. So grateful that through sharing your journey you are touching my life in this way.
    With thanks, and love,
    Jamie XOXO


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