The shared bucket list

imageEverything is truly day to day. My spirits are good. So platelets are 24 down from 38 Friday which means no port surgery. I will get 2 doses of neupogen over mon/tues and then 3pm chemo weds. No sick visitors and vigilant hand washing are nurses orders due to low neutrophils (infection fighting cells)

When you love life as I do the bucket list remains long so I hope you and my family will hit some of these and think of me when you are there. I hope to be there in spirit. Here we go:

the Dolomites in summer for hiking and biking

a safari in Bostwana

Norway in the summer

Croatia, Vienna and Salzburg, Wengen and Kandersteg in Switzerland, Florence, the explora collection in Chile, Little Dix Bay renovated (oh Im so happy I kayaked into that bay in January but want to get back there)

dunton hot springs

hiking mt Whitney with kids or more of the john Muir trail


How lucky we are that in SF standing at Crissy Field or climbing mt tam or Tennessee valley or Pt Reyes counts too! And that I have done extensively and happily

Im feeling ok today  a few sparks of beaches but otherwise good. I will keep singing

how can you ever say you’ve done enough? I wanted to see my kids graduate from every level, meet their lovers, watch them fall in love and marry and build a life. I know, thanks to their great dad and the village and family around them that they will do so well  but fuck I’m so mad to miss it.

Please keep giving back to the things that will make this world better for our kids   Listen to your body for health and your mind for its dreams.






14 thoughts on “The shared bucket list

  1. Kerry,
    Your strength, your determination, your creativity, your spunk, your wits, your brains, your voice, your hot bod (😉), your
    Joie de vie are all so inspiring and profound. I am so mad, too. And, I am so sad. It is not fair that you will leave us too soon. Your willingness to be so open to this disease has welcomed us in to celebrate your ups and also grieve with you in your downs. You have helped weave our community so close together and we will all be so grateful for that for a long time to come. You are such an incredible role model for your kids but also for all of your friends. We love you.


  2. I am so so so so sad….don’t know you well but feel close….tearing up when I read you…this is incredibly horribly beyond my words unfair…💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

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  3. Kerry, we have only met a few times and there is no reason for you to remember. I know your father (and mom) through TNC as I worked there for a number of years. Bill shared your blog and I have been following your journey. I pray that you have more years, months, days, hours, and moments as you have truly made this world a better place. Take strength and peace in knowing that in addition to all the people you know who are pulling for you and are there for your family when you can no longer be, there are many more whom you don’t know who are right there beside you wishing for you the precious gift of time.


  4. Darling Kerry, Simon forwards me these. You are an inspiration and have achieved, seen and sampled so much more than most even dream of. Such a fantastic, brave lady. Thinking of you all and sending lots and lots of love xxxxx


  5. We continue to think of you and hope those docs and researchers will find the bullet. There’s still time…we believe that!

    As a friend said…coraggio. I think it’s Spanish for courage…but even if it isn’t, it should be, and it sounds so much better in Spanish.

    Jack and Susan

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  6. You have beautiful feet and divine taste in ballet flats. But seriously – You have made me a better leader and person. You have made TNC a better organization. We are in such a different place now because of your example – bold, inquisitive, kind, with a fat dose of Let’s Get This Done.


  7. One more thing – a shared bucket list..brilliant! No one has ever thought of that, it is usually an individual thought process. But now you have changed it permanently for me. I see it with new eyes. We can share the list, the journeys, the experiences and the wonder. There are many buckets, a plethora of lists, even more beating hearts!

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  8. Kerry, I am so sorry that the cancer has outwitted our treatment capabilities. I have not frequently commented but have been a devoted reader of your blog and have so enjoyed and admired your adventures, your commitment to your friends and family (and your music), and your insights. Like the commenter above, I also love the idea of a shared bucket list. I am thinking of you and your family.

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  9. Dear Kerry,
    Sending you all my love. I’m impressed how strong and special you are.
    I’m so grateful for all you did for me. your large smile and kindness made my days far from home better.


  10. You are an incredible inspiration Kerry. I am blown away by your positivity. Your smile has always had such a glow and you have always had such a generous spirit. I am sending you tons of love and hugs.

    Also, I’ve been to Dunton Hot Springs. It was cool and all but it doesn’t compare to the life you’ve lived.


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