New Video on and 1 month?

img_4583Please check out our awesome Rockumentary of our recording and a night in the band room on our website. I promise you will smile and enjoy. We managed to do it before my hair fell out , and it was on of the most fun evenings of my life.

The cancer has taken a turn for the worse. Now I’m not going down without a fight because I have too much to live for and too much left to do, but I do have to accept the possibility. So while I was resting off the crazy whole brain radiation in sun valley really just migrating from bed to couch to meal and back With loving family helping me, one live enzyme went down nicely and the bilirubin stat doubled. In one week. Rugo is concerned there may be a tumor blocking the bike duct and had to at least mention the chance that my liver could fail in 4 weeks. WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot of tears and a lot of thinking out loud. She is so good and she’s having to navigate around my very low platelets so that she doesn’t kill me while trying to save me. More blood draw today and hopefully he very low dose of abraxine I took in Wednesday will start to do something. I do not look yellow or pale and my energy is so much better than last week so I remain ever hopeful and positive whil preparing for the worst.

I apologize if I’m slow in getting back to people or can’t meet up. I’m doing my best. I have loved the flowers and treats and soups. We are loaded up on ice cream so for now just fresh fruit, green drinks, occasional pick me up flowers and spontaneous car pooling are all a help. Also Dead Sea bath salts which Anna turned me onto and have been a god send.

I love you all and life so much. I have learned to much and if it weren’t for my babies I might be able to go gracefully, but I so pray I’m allowed more time. I’m still very upbeat but don’t be shocked if I break spontaneously into tears. And yes I do look a little like a leas buff GI Jane.

So very much love to all. Your support raises my spirits everyday. And I don’t even need gifts. I just am grateful for the hugs and love. It is good medicine. I have a good goal of playing he Hamlin gala on March 31 at the Masonic center and then we have several public gigs we will book. Holding on for that and every good day I’m given. I had to cancel all March travel but hope to revisit the bucket list in April delicately.

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