Medicine Music

img_4376You may Ben sick of hearing it, but nothing gets me through cancer more than music, and if you layer on kids and friends I think becomes power charged. We put the finishing tou he’s on our music video last night that we hope will come out in a few weeks. Such fun. Such joy. And 6 hours prior my head was spinning and I had to cancel lunch with a dear friend. Sometimes sleep is all it takes, but I try to listen to the warning calls.

But last night….good energy and all joy.

Last week was one hell of a week. I did 4 radiation sessions in my plastic fantastic claustrophobic alien mask and then 6 hours in the chemo infusion chair. I’m not asking for Pity for I spent most of Friday cracking myself up from whatever was in the drip and the fun of having 8-10 friends cycle through. That’s how you make chemo fun. Saturday I had good energy until I hit a wall in the evening which carries through SO as usual the mantra is one day at a time and lots of self forgiveness.

Im sorry for any lack of responsiveness, for my new flakiness. It doesn’t mean anything more than that I am overwhelmed. So please bear with me.

I’m reading The Book of Joy and continue to work towards  view of death that isn’t laden with fear.  I think I wrote recently that no matter when that time comes that the goal is to take my last breath with a smile knowing we have raised good kids, knowing that i will miss everyone so very much, but believing we will fall into each other’s orbits again. CraZy mYbe but works for me.

And for now LIvE LIvE LIVE!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Medicine Music

  1. I love that view too. We will find each other again and how happy that will make us! Birdseed infuses us all with great energy as well, Kers. Xoxo


  2. Can I book you to play at TNC? We have a coffee house music event coming up in the Condor Kitchen. We would love to have you and your band. Or just you acoustic. We have several fine musicians on staff to accompany you. It would be so fun!


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