Frosty morning in Sun Valley over MLk

Wednesday I will spend a lovely 4 hours in a Ct of chest and abdomen, a total spine and hip MRI and a bone scan. I will be hunting down my Ativan to counter the claustrophobic machines. I hope they prove me wrong, but I think the Xeloda has stopped working. I have several spots on my skull that are sore to the touch, sort of a bruised feeling, which in the past has suggested new lesions in the skull bone. Ditto for my sternum. Yuck. Besides fatigue I feel good and am focusing on the reality that surviving this means drug switches or more radiation or a mish mash of whatever it takes. I hope we get some information by Thursday or Friday. I’m prepared for crappy news and am trying to just take it in stride. In fact, I booked a flight to Paris with the kids in June just to remind cancer that it needs to stay on my schedule if it wants to keep hanging out in my body.

I finished the outline for my book and now need to do some heavy editing before sending it to the editor. I figure at least no one can take my memoir whereas I’m noticing several books that are following the course my fun fantasy book was going to do examining lives not lived. Just as Elizabeth Gilbert said in her fun book on creativity (that some fabulous friend sent but who Amazon left unnamed!) ideas are always floating around and they land in different hands at the right time.

I am loving the kids at these ages. Despite some snarky pre teen comments or eye rolling from time to time they are still cuddly while also entertaining real and deep conversations about Trump, family planning, conservation. If they are our future then I feel confident no matter the mess we are muddling our way through.

Ria sent somebody pics from 10 years ago that were too good not to share:

I decided I wasn’t comfortable heading into a big crowd for a March, but I did give money to The Representation Project for their excellent new film project. Here are some details in case you too get inspired

Film overview:
The Great American Lie exposes that the American Dream is, in fact, a lie. Our current state of inequality in America results from a gendered, hierarchical value system that falsely claims that individuals should make it on their own, their circumstances (gender, race, class) don’t matter, and success is largely defined by the accumulation of power and money.

The Great American Lie is a documentary film that brings the unique perspective of gender to the story of inequality in America. Our story examines what inequality looks like in America today and traces its roots to our long-revered promise of the American Dream. This is a story about what Americans are told – through all aspects of our media culture – about who and what is valued. This is a story about how the hyper masculine values that are imbued in the Dream dominate our society and create and perpetuate a deep and widening social and economic imbalance, and also a deep and widening political chasm. The reality we now face is that we are a society divided and out of balance – where the cultural pendulum has swung hard toward masculine values – favoring power, domination and individualism – over caring, collaboration and partnership. The Great American Lie uses expert interviews and the stories of some carefully selected, hard-working agents of change to connect the dots between gender and inequality and to show the need for more balance between masculine and feminine values in American life.

We began filming subjects for this film in the summer of 2015 and we have continued to follow their stories for the past 18 months. We are planning a limited number of shoot days to wrap up their stories this winter/spring. We have also already interviewed more than a dozen new experts in economics, law, history, politics and sociology whose interviews will shape the film and give context to the story we are telling. Meanwhile, we are beginning the process of writing and editing this winter. We intend to pursue an ambitious timeline of edit and review throughout the summer, moving into post-production in the fall with a goal of premiering the film in January, 2018.

Funding needs: The total budget for the film is $1.4 million, of which we have received $610,000. Our goal is to secure commitments for at least $500,000 by the end of March 2017 and the remaining balance in the second and third quarters of the year. Benefit levels are as follows (these levels can be met by giving or raising the funds):

Executive Producer (single card) — $150,000
Executive Producer (shared card) — $100,000
Co-Executive Producer — $50,000
Associate Producer — $25,000

Amanda Mortimer, Film Producer
P.O. Box 437, Ross, CA 94957

The Representation Project inspires individuals and communities to create a world free from gender stereotypes and social injustices.

This email may contain confidential intellectual property. Please do not share without prior written consent.

CHEERS to a good end of January and big hugs to all. Xo

One thought on “Scanapalooza

  1. Been thinking of you today and hope the experience of claustrophobia was manageable. Loved the pics of the kids when they were little. So glad you booked that trip to Paris. C’est magnifique – pas Paris, c’est toi qui est magnifique!


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