Happy 2017!

Happy 2017
2017 started with a bracing 10 degree blue sky day in Sun Valley. My absurdly strong and fit Mom led the way on an invigorating cross country ski trail which we had entirely to ourselves. At one point on the 7km loop I almost turned around early, but then I gave myself the freedom to let go (again!!!) of any expectations and just moderated my pace and savored the beauty around me. I leave this trip feeling stronger even if it takes lots of naps to get there.
With the ok of my doctors and my very understanding husband I’m going to keep hitting the travel bucket list in 2017 with a mix of family trips and time with dear friends. So you laugh when I tell you that I will deplane from Southwest this morning and board Jetblue tonight to move from snow back to sun. This sounds nuts, but it is due to the great generosity of a friend who in my recovery room 18 months ago gave me a week in a villa of Exclusive Resorts. It took awhile for availability and my health to align, but when a villa in Virgin Gorda came up last minute I had to follow my son’s excellent advice “it would be wrong not to”. And so I will wake up to turquoise seas tomorrow.
Utter relaxation and then I will have to buckle down a bit and revive the writing of my book which will be a memoir rather than an autobiography. I have to move from freeform to actually writing a disciplined outline. A good challenge. I won’t mention this again until I turn it into something real.
Birdseed will release a beautiful new song soon on Spotify called “I want you to know” written by Mason Morfit. What I love with all our originals so far is that Mason or I come in with the shell of the song and lyrics, but really the whole band weighs in to create the song. It is a process I continue to love. We are likely to perform at the Boom Boom room in the next few months as well as at the Hamlin auction. I count myself lucky everyday to be part of that, and I’m so grateful for all of your support at shows and in listening to our songs on Spotify and ITunes.
I’ve got some fun closet streamlining lined up as I help friends move into newly renovated homes. It has been such fun helping people edit and to enhance their style. I look forward to more of that this year.
I will continue to say thanks for the little joys that make up each day: cuddles and kisses from the kids, hummingbirds in the ever changing garden, laughing hard with friends and family, good books, nourishing food, walks in the Presidio, Creighton bringing me a cup of tea just because, a healing nap, unconditional love from our 2 dogs. I will strive to be more compassionate, to let things go, to put myself in other people’s shoes often in order to do so, to meditate with the Headspace app, to eat more greens, and to be present. I will strive to let go of that which I can’t control. And I will follow my friend Dorothy’s brilliant advice from years ago to always try to “choose your day.” That doesn’t mean no sadness, no anger, but I do think it means acknowledging whatever emotion of mood, moving through it, and then choosing to reset and choose happiness for the day.
Thank you for the visits, emails, calls, AMAZING ice cream, healthy green juices, walks, cards, overwhelmingly generous dinners, celebrations, flowers, books, massages, acupuncture, surprises. They are all such good medicine. I can never say enough to express my deep gratitude. I hope I can extend 20 months of survival into 20 years. One day at a time.

Much love to all and best wishes for a wonderful 2017.

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