Cancer has nothing on Birdseed

img_3690I think it speaks volumes about the joy of music that I took a phone call from my oncologist just 30 minutes before this show and was still able to savor every second on that stage. Let’s tackle the cancer first….the MRI confirmed a 1cm tumor in my left cerebellum as well as two tiny dot lesions. We will hit that with the gamma knife in radiation in the next 3 weeks. There is metastasis on my right skull and deep inside my left skull. The new medicine Xeloda should address that. I will be starting that oral chemo on Monday. Main side effect is parched hands and feet which can be remedied by emollient lotion. Ok. Do-able. There are extensive lesions in my cervical spine (neck) which could be hit by med and radiation. So while this is scary and daunting, I think we have a good plan. I had ignored the sad fact the breast to brain is a common metastasis and that it is easier to manage than when it is in the liver or other tissue. One day at a time and please let Xeloda work magic.

We performed last night at Neck of the Woods on clement street. What a fun venue. Intimate and easy. We played for 2 hours. It was my workout for the day. And it was totally exhilarating. Why? I guess just the whole combination of the chemistry on stage, friends in the audience, the contrast of a rainy night outside and the hot, steamy stage inside. And as Mason’s lyrics so wonderfully say, “and in the song the world melts away”, because when I sing the world becomes that room. Singing to friends warms my heart. When I sing “I’m gonna free fall out into nothing” I picture floating on the clouds in bliss, and when I sing “I’m gonna leave this world for awhile” I think maybe we do get to visit more than one time. My brother sang a duet with Jamie on Surrender, and I was blown away  he was so good! We will make him sing more in between sax solos


I’m currently in the most insane traffic where it has taken 2hrs to get to the bay bridge. It is beyond  comprehension. The funniest part is that the traffic guy blames it on the driving skills of the millennials. Impressive to have half of downtown gridlocked. The caveat is that I’m with 2 of my favorite women so we are keeping each other just on the edge of sanity.

hoping people will send more photos. Love to all.

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