Fishing the Lower Sacramento and fall at Dye Creek

img_3666A few years back I finagled my way into my Dad’s annual fishing trip. I learned to fly fish at age 6, and since I was the one who introduced my husband to fly fishing I finally realized it was nuts that I wasn’t getting to go. After several years of birthing and feeding kids it was my time! The Fall River, the McCloud river, and now the Lower Sacramento always in the fine and informative company of friends from CalTrout, Nature Conservancy and family. This year took a special turn when Creighton bowed out and made room for my childhood friend MOnica. She and I had first taken a fishing trip with our Dads at 6.

Near Redding and Lassen this is volcanic land dotted with oak trees and almond trees. Dye Creek preserve is part of the 150k acres managed by The Nature Conservancy and a key part of the million acre project within which TNC partners with ranchers, timber companies, farmers. A brilliant puzzle of collaborations that allow maximum space for conservation of 3 watersheds around the Lassen foothills. What is exciting is the meeting of the minds, realizing that often you can so often find common ground, and businesses can be run effectively with sustainable practices that allow nature to flourish. That is the way forward.

The Lower Sac is huge, flat, and full of massive trout, steelhead, and salmon. Egrets, herons, geese, loons, starlings, and ducks fill the banks and sky. Thanks to a great guide, red head Carl, I catch a huge trout after missing one that took all of the line from my rod. I was holding the rod with both hands and it was bent clear to the river. 21inches and fat, a gorgeous rainbow with red fins. Monica hooks one. We have a blast. Carl tells us about life way up on the Klamath where he bought 20 acres right on the river and raises chickens and hogs. What a life!

The day turns quickly as the storm explodes. I’m happy for my 4 layers on top and 3 on Bottom! We all exit the river sopping wet but laughing and satisfied. It is always a wonderful group with a brilliant Stanford professor, a fantastic and successful rancher, a lawyer, a pilot and family. I always learn a ton from all of them about life and conservation. I love seeing my Dad and brother so happy. My brother inevitably catches the most and biggest fish. I thought I had finally broken his streak, but sure enough his was bigger.

The only downer on my Jackson trip was 2 nights with 90 minutes of childbirth pain in my left jaw. Pain so extreme that I couldn’t even cry. Finally I got gabapentin/neurontin from Rugo. Happily she doesn’t seem worried, but I couldn’t handle one more night of that pain. This helps. And so now we just wait until the late November and December scans and hope it holds steady.

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