Our 2 new songs are on Spotify and iTunes!!!!

imageplease dial into Spotify or iTunes to check out our two newest originals…..We Can Do It and Not out of Time with gorgeous cover art by Eric Rindal. Both by Birdseed!!!

I wrote We Can do It for my 8yr old Bebe when her class was working on a Rosie the Riveter play. I was on a hike through the Presidio and started to think about girl power and brave pioneers and just putting yourself out there. Mason Morfit wrote Not Out of Time. I adore this for he wrote it when my cancer was exploding again and I wanted so much to believe that we weren’t out of time. We recorded both songs literally an hour after I finished a big radiation session at UCSF. It was gratifying and soul filling. So I hope you enjoy them and please spread the word.

I had a good appointment today with Rugo. Stable. No new drama. Cheers to that. Counting down to our gig for Tipping Point on October 6.  We go on at 8pm sharp and will play for 60 minutes to open for the new star Nathaniel Rateliff known for SOB.

imageAnd cheers to dinner with some of my mama bears who keep me charging along


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