A so so scan….one day at a time


I try to avoid getting nervous ahead of scans as I find it achieves nothing. I save my freak out for the 3 minutes before and the first 3 minutes in the machine as I remind myself that no one has died during the scan despite the close quarters. This scan was so so. Usually Hope says she is thrilled. This time it was more tempered but certainly not panicky. Essentially the ct scan looked great which means no cancer in the tissue or organs. But the bone scan was harder to read and more confusing. There is a new area of cancer that is tiny at the corner of my jaw and some on my skull. Now that said, Rugo would say that we don’t know whether the jaw is new because we have not scanned that area before. But at least for me it is new as I haven’t been aware of it before. She emphasized that it is small and we just need to stay cool and monitor any new symptoms. So far the main symptom is  a numb left lip and chin. I experienced childbirth pain out of that nerve (mandibular?) 2 nights last week but now it is just back to being numb which is annoying but not disruptive. It is possible this spot has been there all along and it is no different than having my spine which lights up like the Milky Way in the scan but allows me to live my life

Alors….one day at a time. I have to continue to seize the day, enjoy my travels, keep writing my book, keep up the philanthropy work with TNC, UCSF, Exeter and really be present for the kids. As always time with family and friends is paramount and precious.

We had a wonderful Labor Day in Sun Valley. We saw the first snow on the Pioneers which made the first cold day worthwhile. It was glorious enjoying a warm hike on green and yellow grasses while we gazed up at snow painted peaks. A wow moment and vision. The kids thrilled us by doing the 5 mile Chocolate Gulch hike. It was not without whining but it was accomplished. Some peanut m&ms may have been involved. I was more than normally exhausted and so crashed into 3hr naps despite waking up late. Very restful. I’ve continued to pothrough the Clan of the Cave Bear series which I adore. Ayla is such a cool heroine and I love the interplay of medicine woman, geology, history, human relations and just enough smut to make it a fun escape.

Birdseed will be opening for Nathaniel Ratecliff on October 6th at The Independent to benefit Tipping Point. Ask me for ticket link. Also we are playing at Nexk of the Woods on Oct 27th

more soon. Xo

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