imageA stable scan. I think stable is the new sexy. I hope it is the new normal. It means no progression. It buys me time. I’m so grateful for this trial drug, my amazing doctors, and my old body that is giving the cancer a run for its money and therefore allowing me a real summer.

I am home just long enough to remind the dogs I love them, to catch up on scans, meds, blood tests, and then we venture onward. Most recently to the beautiful island of Nantucket with its rich whaling history, stunning architecture, and endless beaches. We stayed spontaneously with some wonderful and generous friends in their gorgeous but understated shingle home. The kids played until they were sweaty while we talked and read and walked. Then onto the Nantucket Hotel and Resort. Silly expensive for what it is, but well set up for families with 2 pools, roomy suites, and an easy walk to town and Jetties beach. The beach was simple, but I loved the energy of the seaside restaurant and tent booming with live music and laughter.  The town is architecturally one of the loveliest I’ve ever seen, a living reminder of the wealthy whaling days.  Shingled, clapboard, brick. Absolutely stunning homes fit for the heart of Georgetown or the old days of the upper East side.  A pleasant evening walk gave us a naughty peek into muraled stairways, paneled libraries, chandelier lit dining rooms.  We oohed and ahhed our way down the cobblestones Main Street.  Civic pride is clear in what must be annual fresh coats of paint.


We ate at a low key but delicious bbq joint in the heart of town. Pulled pork, addictive cornbread. Possibly the world’s best icecream at The Juice Bar….Dirty Grasshopper my personal favorite (chocolate mint Oreo).  And yes, we had 3 in 3 days including icecream for breakfast at 10 on the final day just in time to board the ferry. Shameless. Fabulous. The Boardinghouse was fancier fare, oysters, steak, crab, but also skillet cornbread. So yum! We earned it with a nice 13 mile bike ride out to Madiket. The kids were great sports, and I loved the open meadows and views of the water as well as numerous magazine worthy homes and cottages. I’m just a sucker for this old east coast style. I don’t need grand. Just weather worn shingles with crisp white trim, a bright red door, and a garden of hydrangeas or ornamental grasses.

The Whaling Museum was a kid friendly look at the rich history of the island. Hard to believe the men were gone for 4-5 years at a time. Timely visit ahead of the December launch of Heart of the Sea with the hunky Chris Hemsworth who will make every woman want to watch a movie about whaling.  Nice casting.


No question, the town itself is much more formal than what we see on Martha’s Vineyard. Perhaps because there is just one big town for the whole island.  There are more stilettos, a lot of Nantucket red and driving loafers. There are gorgeous galleries and boutiques. We particularly liked Michael Gaillardia Gallery for photography, large scale nature photos.  I wish we had had much more time to bike in every direction. We only got a tiny taste of what is on offer.  I can see why several friends cocoon there for a whole summer.

We had the front of the ferry to ourselves for the 2hr ride to Martha’s Vineyard.  So far the weather is crappy, but the kids are thrilled to be with their cousins and Creighton with his whole family. I love seeing the architecture by foot and bike and catching up with the friends we only see on island. An old school haven steeped in tradition but ultimately very low key and family oriented. I’m trying my hand at writing. A series of fictional essays on unexplored paths rather than a novel. We will see if I can turn it into more than just a few notes on the iPad! Happy summer and good health to all.




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