Stream Therapy

imageToday I laid in the middle of a stream. Stream therapy! While the kids and Creighton bravely tackled a 60ft high ropes course at Squaw, I ambled up the Shirley Canyon trail and up along the gorgeous stream with small waterfalls at every turn and one big one with the mountain as the backdrop. At 9 the trail was empty and peaceful. I made my way to a smooth slab of rock in the middle of the stream and let time disappear for a bit. I felt lucky to be alive in that moment. So soothing. I think the waterfall medicine must do something so good, maybe speaking to all the water in our bodies. The dogs are in SF, but we will drive to Independence Lake from Truckee today for a Nature Consevancy field trip. Typically closed to the public at night, the lake will be open for a few of us and our families from the Leadership Council for an overnight. This preserve has been an important testing ground for proactive forest management, actively thinning forests strategically to avoid catastrophic fires. More on that after the trip.  The traffic deters me from Tahoe too often, but when I do make it up here I adore the air, the smells, the old trees and serene streams. So excited to share this with the kids.


Dr Rugo was very happy with my scan. She said  is awesome.


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