Organic Beauty & Chemo

morning glory in the Presidio today

I attended a lovely event last night sponsored by Spa Pop on behalf of UCSF Breast Care center and driven by the exuberant and generous fellow cancer peer Suzanne Kissinger. It was held at the Bay Club on Greenwich with views of the bay and a fun mix of pampering options plus my favorite guacamole from Tacolicious. I was delighted to meet Margaret Chesny who headed the Osher Center for 6 years and has recently re-engaged with all eyes on helping women with cancer. She discussed the benefits of exercise, greens, grass fed protein, meditation, acupuncture, strong relationships, essential oils, and seizing the day in battling cancer. An elegant woman with sparkling blue eyes and feathery white hair, she is passionate about the combination of holistic care and hard science, as am I. It made me realize I could stand to further improve my diet over time, but made me feel proud of how I’m tackling the rest of it.

Two of my favorite providers of organic beauty were EO from Marin and Sara Happ from LA. I have long used the gorgeous shampoos and body gels from EO in lavender, Rosemary, and peppermint, but I enjoyed finding their restorative serum which melts into the skin and their cool diffusers for the delectable variety of essential oils. For my future showers I will pour a few drops of oil under the rainfall to brighten my day. I had never tried lip exfoliation, but Sara Happ‘s luxurious line makes you wonder why you’ve ever done without. After a delicate and yes tasty brown sugar scrub your lips feel smooth and plump. Her organic but  enduring and perfect natural pink Lip Slip is a must. It will be my new daily go to. I have long touted the Look Good, Feel Better program at UCSF and I think Spa Pop beautifully captured that. It might sound silly, but when your insides are being poisoned by classic chemo or being pushed hard by immunotherapy treatment, there is a simple pleasure that can be derived by a bit of simple pampering and a few simple, pretty products. I was tempted by Lash Lab for fabulous fake lashes and skincare from Phytomer, but needed to get home. I was also reminded that not everyone is positive when they are in this fight. For me, it is the only way.

I finished reading The Apartment. It was pretty fabulous to disappear into the pages of modern day and the 1890s in Paris, through the eyes of a Sotheby’s furniture expert and a demimondaine (high end courtesan) who was pampered by the likes of Clemenceau, Hugo, and others. Some of it got silly, but for the most part it was a wonderfully descriptive, tangible story that was even more fun having just been in the city.

It has been a big nap week. Clearly my body needed that. 2 hours a pop. As long as I honor that I feel quite good. I wrote a new song called Rewind and our We Can do It and Not out of Time are being “mastered” in the studio before we launch on Spotify……will be good!!  And now we are going to dive hard into the 80s with a viewing of The Breakfast Club.


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