Platelet 119, Scan Stable, Lesions extensive


Platelets 119 (Down a smidge but good), scan stable, and yet the sobering words read “extensive lesions in spine, ribs, sternum”. I will take the good news of quiet cancer, stronger body, but I have to remind myself frequently to go easy and not expect so much of a body riddled with holes. I’m doing rather well considering! 😊

We were lucky enough to celebrate a friend’s 50th and her son’s 25th. I loved that they toasted to the birth of their family as well as the individual birthdays. It really touched me as May 12th is Will’s and the birth of our family. Funny how families cluster around certain dates. Our kids are born days apart, three years apart. May is our month!

Mine of my dear friends goes back to work tomorrow from maternity leave with edible #2. That first day is the worst. It pulls at your heart strings and wrenches your gut and defies all instinct. And yet it is also ,after that first torturous day, exciting, fulfilling, and for most people a financial necessity. For many, their return is a gift to society as they develop life saving drugs (my friend), build companies, build non profits, and bring home the bacon. It is hard work whether you stay home as primary caregiver or whether you return. Either way you are always a mom. One of my wonderful clients reminded me that when I was doubting myself. She said you are a mom 24/7. You don’t stop being a mom just because you are in the office. We are at an interesting point in time where anything goes and yet there is no easy answer or perfect balance. Perhaps the traditional model is and was the easiest where roles were/are very defined. But it is also very exciting that we are in a time where all options are open. I hope so much that workplaces continue to move towards a model that rewards productivity above face-time and firm hours. In my experience I was most productive for GS post kids and post cancer when both those elements forced me to work less but smarter and to optimize for productivity. So as my friend takes that bold step back tomorrow, I wish her luck, send her hugs, and thank her for blazing that trail. I know pumping is no picnic and you get pulled 100 directions at once. So prioritize ruthlessly, make boundaries (no one else will do that for you), and preserve a few minutes of calm for you. It is possible.

More later. Off to cheer Will in his Sunday lacrosse game. Below loving Mrs Rec at the GSB reunion

One thought on “Platelet 119, Scan Stable, Lesions extensive

  1. Dearest Landreth,

    Can I respond to your posts this way? I love reading every single one and always have so many things I want to comment on, but I don’t want to be “Annoying Comment Girl.” Hope this is you!!:)) ??, Frando

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