Platelets 139, Stronger

While a 2hr nap still takes me down each afternoon, I’m much stronger than I was a month ago and my platelets were at 139 after 2 wks on the drug. A first. This week we will see if it can hold above 70. Marina McBrearty acupuncture seems to be working wonders  she has found some magic points. The lymphedema (swelling in left arm) has modified a bit. The sleeve is not a fashion item but does its job.

Battery to Bluffs trail breathtaking

Last night we hosted a fantastic young congressman from Boston, Seth Seth Moulton, with a group of veterans. Seth was a marine who did 4 tours in Iraq and graduated from Harvard with a degree in physics. He jokes that he is a democrat who can do math. I love that. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative.  He is a knowledgeable voice of reason on the armed services committee and celebrates small victories on the small business committee. He said nothing gets done on the budget committee. I found him solutions based, reaching across the aisle, and serving as an American rather than for one party. In my view, highly competent and deeply refreshing. He mentioned that he had hoped by 2016 he would be bringing his family to  Iraq to see the beautiful archaeological sites, and instead we are sending in young men and women to fight the same fights we have already fought. A true shame. I loved his perspective though. It is hard to understand another culture when you can never safely go to access it.

The Dias trail on Mt Tam


We just recorded 2 more songs this weekend. I wrote “We Can Do It” for Bebe inspired by a Rosie riveter play her grade did this winter. And Mason wrote “Not out of Time” which resonates for me as that is a line to live by! We hope to have those ready in a few days and hopefully again on Spotify and iTunes . Yay!!! It is such a fun process with everyone plugged into different mics.  Trying to get the perfect take is humbling! If you haven’t yet listen to Next Trip around the Sun and More than I needed the Truth by Birdseed on Spotify and iTunes from our December recordings

i joined a fabulous field trip with Town School (views above from the drive on hwy 1) out to Gospel Flat Farm in beautiful Bolinas. This wonderful 32yr old farmer leases the land and has used his art background to invent more creative and efficient ways to farm. He sells eggs and veggies, and raises pigs purely for sustenance. His family wakes up to the stunning views of Mt Tam and really cherish the land. He exemplified resourcefulness for the boys. Everything is sold through the honor system at their roadside farm shop. So clever! The boys couldn’t get enough of it. Endless questions. below some views from the farm.


I just finished My Grandmother wants to say she’s sorry by the wonderful author who wrote A Man Called Ove. Both are laugh out loud novels but also thought provoking. I’m reading American Girls as fast as I can because I find it too depressing. Social media and 13-17yr olds. Agggggh!!!! I’m explaining to my kids even before they have their own phones that anytime you press send, it is no longer your property. All we can do is teach them good values, good judgment, and explain the stark risks that exist. I feel lucky that my kids will have very open conversations with me so that even at 7 and 10 we can get into real topics. I intend to leave my mark!

It is hard to believe how weak I was in December and how much strength has returned in a matter of months. I’m so grateful. And now….off to my nap 🙂


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