A Good Appt/ Help me raise $ for UCSF

image.jpegI realize the platelet roller coaster gets a bit boring, but that doesn’t lessen my thrill when the count spikes as it did this week from 62 to 177. Friends introduced me to fabulous acupuncturist Marina McBrearty who is going to try to help me hit higher lows so that perhaps I can stay for longer stints on the drug. Combined with a lower dose I think there is a good shot of this.  I will admit that I sometimes worry that the next scan will show that it has jumped into tissue and they will tell me I have 6months. Right now, though, I feel very optimistic and I believe the drug is working  some magic with my body, and perhaps I will be the one who does get to live with this for 20+ years. I’m walking faster and longer, and I find people telling me universally that I just look much healthier. Metastatic cancer is bizarre to live with. Good news is simply that it has quieted down rather than progressing. That becomes a win. And I am grateful for any good stretch like this where I feel a bit more human. Even if it requires pain meds and naps and patience.

As some of you know I am co-chairing Give Breast Cancer the Boot which raises money directly for my incredible doctors (notably Laura Esserman, Hope Rugo, and also in pain Mgmt/palliative care Mike Rabow) and the remarkable, innovative cancer research and care they are doing. Importantly their work towards personalizing cancer medicine scales beyond breast cancer. Crazily they aren’t set up yet for online giving, but if you are inclined to help me drive change here, please consider a donation of any amount. I would be so grateful. Donations should be made by April 20th if possible to the UCSF Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center and sent to:

Give Breast Cancer the Boot, UCSF, lockbox 45339, San Francisco, ca, 94145-0339

OR you can call Suzanne Teer on 415-476-3622 with credit card info  Suzanne.teer@ucsf.edu

There is no bs and no bureaucracy around The Boot. It really goes straight to the source of supporting the team’s amazing work right now  obviously for me nothing could be more personal and frankly I want to make a difference for this and for conservation while I’m still here to see the impact. THANK YOU!!!

The lead photo is of beautiful Carmel where I spent the weekend with Bebe and my parents. We saw a humpback whale in the cove looking toward Pt Lobos– amazing !  Bebe and I spent about 6hrs repurposing anything we could find to make a rainforest house for her American Girl doll, turning an old nightgown into bedding, art catalogue photos into art and Windows. It was a riot, and a very fun way to have Bebe time!





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