My Garden Tour

Despite 2 days off, the platelet crash continues. 47. Blecccccch! This is normal nut terribly annoying and means another week off the drug. So in the spirit of lifting spirits rather than wallowing I’m going to take you on a tour of my garden the way it looked after drinking up a rainstorm. It is possible that I will consume some girlscout samoas while doing this as well.  They are just that good.


Here is the first glimpse when I pop out of the house. This little tree on the left will be a vibrant yellow and just got its first leaves.


I love the light and the reflection here. And the red red red.


This didn’t come out as planned, but just enjoy that crazy orange flower. I wish I had it growing out of the blue pot. Although that little drape plant in there will come alive with fiery orange too.

Red blossoms are good luck on the Chinese New Year quince and rosemary thrives even under my amateur thumb.


Here are the first cherry blossoms. Gorgeous gorgeous.


And it still feels a bit naked, but within 2 weeks it will be an explosion of white blooms.


Lavender fragrant in full bloom. Everything in the garden is bee friendly, hummingbird and butterfly friendly, and low water.


After the rat or raccoon demolished my kale crop 3 times I finally gave up and put in a fig tree. Here is its first re-bloo, and we’ll see what it is like come summer. image

And the magnolia continues to unfold.  The Springfree trampoline is the other highlight of the garden, but is less photogenic! Although I have so many happy memories of jumping after work everyday with the kids.

Im laughing as I go to push publish on this as I’m remembering one of my clients telling me that talk of gardening was so un-sexy. We had been talking about how we both split labor in the house with our spouses and somehow I got onto gardening. And he explained that my joy/therapeutic gardening would not resonate with Creighton the same way. But cheers anyway to this little plot that makes me smile every morning. It isn’t sophisticated. Its diversity is merely a demonstration of my Gemini ADD wanting to try out a few of everything. But it does attract lots of life and gives lots of color.  It has gotten me through many sad days, and I have taken and made some of the toughest phone calls of my life sitting there gazing at the trees. image.jpg


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