“She turned every barrier into a gate” she says of the Nightingale.  What a gorgeous philosophy to turn the unexpected into an opportunity. My platelet count needs to hit 75 to restart the drug. Yesterday read 74. Just fabulous. I will test again Thursday and hope I cross the magic threshold. Perhaps the annoyance of that woke me in the middle of the night, and for once I decided to read myself back to sleep. 2 hours later…..I had devoured most of The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. Yes, All the Light we Cannot See is even better writing, but this is quite exceptional. No matter how many times I read about WWII in novels or history books, I’m in awe of people’s resilience, horrified by the degrees of evil that show us that hell is here on earth, and grateful to live in a peaceful life. I fell for the characters and their strengths and flaws. I also wonder how any of us would react in survival mode. I would go to any length to save my children. What do you do when all the choices are terrible? Another thank you to my desk for the fine iPad library you gave me! These weeks when I’m off the drug it is almost like my body plays catch up, my fatigue expands, and I feel like I’m chasing sleep. I awake stiff and slow like a 105yr old person, and it takes a good hour to erase the pain. I always say thank you for the day, but no longer can I bound into the day. At least for now!


Bebe had a very grown up moment today. She announced at dinner last night that she had a dilemma. Ah! She explained that her instructor had told her that she was a stronger skier than those in her group and it might serve her well to move up. However, she had already made some nice friends in this group and was very torn about whether to take on the challenge or stay with her new friends. Dad asked her to compare the positives and negatives (!)and I suggested that she could always switch back if needed. This morning she spoke to the instructor again and decided to take the plunge on the harder group.  We shall see how the day goes, but I loved that she not only analyzed this but handled the conversation on her own. I’m so proud of her independence.

image.jpegWill has continued to dive into The Hardy Boy series. We forgave him for reading at dinner last night at Ketchum Grill, a longtime favorite spot.

below a glimpse of the Big Wood river, my parents lunatic snow dog with tentative Penley, and 2 girls who love their boots. There may have been some sale retail therapy involved at Elle Rose and at a very cool local sho SQN Sport. I’m just saying…

2 thoughts on “Nightingale

  1. It can be so difficult to be told your skills are superior to others. And it can be challenging to assert yourself and hone your skills in a group that will take you from friends. What a great way to parent and provide guidance while permitting your daughter to problem-solve on her own. Bravo!


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