The Cancer Care List

I realized it might be helpful to share some of the resources that have helped me both in 2010 and in my current battle with breast cancer/bone cancer. Services, products, providers that make it all a little easier.

To coordinate friends for meals and everything

Incredible massage:

Nara …at International Orange and on home visits on 415-760-7607. A master!

Seaira O’Brien....combines amazing massage and reiki. Brilliant, life saver

meditation: Headspace app…..set it for 10-30 minutes daily. After the 30 day foundation you can tap into topics like sleep, health, anxiety . I’m the ultimate monkey brain, so this allows me to focus.

Cookbooks: anything by Rebecca Katz like The Cancer Kitchen, The Longevity Kitchen, One Bite at a Time. Delicious, nutritious meals.  I’m a big fan of soups, dark greens, eating lots of color, and balancing nutrient dense food with worthwhile desserts (hello Three twins icecream, cookie dough, and good chocolate). Scrambles, oatmeal, grapenuts, loads of tea

Exercise: daily walks no matter what whether you can manage 1 block or a 2hr hike. Water classes or swimming for low impact cardio and strength. Yoga for strength, flexibility and sanity. No question going into cancer and surgeries fit helped me immensely. And while it is humbling every Time to rebuild strength, it is easier when the concept of movement is simply an essential part of your life. For me it also gets me into nature. Drop and do plank when you can.

Acupuncture at Qi Dragon with Li Ping

Cancer survivor Amy McKnight brought me a luscious lip balm “By Terry baume de rose” that took away the gloom of the hospital with one swipe. And I found some dreamy natural cream at the Sun Valley Arts & Crafts festival in July.. Sun Valley Remedies.  Anna introduced me to the divine Aesop lotions and scrubs. Soothing herbal scents and rich consistency.

When Ria “brought me a new face” some of the classics were Laura Mercier’s Illuminator, the classic Nars orgasm blush, and soft eyeliner from Marc Jacobs.

Our awesome service dog…canine companions for independence 

Some naughty friends have spoiled me with ridiculous facials at Nan Skincare on Union. She is like a zen goddess.

With no scientific and purely anecdotal experience I have found corioulus mushroom pills to be very helpful for boosting immunity.

8G….an efficient way to boost your power greens intake with a pleasant lemon tasting dissolvable pill that packs in spirulina, wheatgrass, algae, etc . Invented by a cancer survivor.

Sleep….menopause was a bitch for sleep. It took a year of work to get onto a better routine. I swapped ambien for a combination of l-the aninine and evening primrose oil (now I take nothing), stayed away from screens before bed, used an eye mask, and took 5 mins with my feet up the wall to calm my system. I also accepted that I would wake up a few times per night, and with that simple act erased the stress that had come before from each wake up.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to a little retail therapy from Lululemon, the Real Real, and then GBG in Carmel.

sing, write, see friends, give back

Happy to share more, but that is a start



Bugs can be pretty




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