Platelet Roller Coaster

imageStill on the high of having our new songs on Spotify and iTunes (which you find by typing in the song titles Next Trip around the Sun and More than I needed the Truth by Birdseed—people have asked) I took the news of my platelets plummeting to 47 in stride. Now we know that in 3 weeks they can go from 183 to 47, but also that tremendous progress has happened in that timeframe. I will go off the drug for a week and restart on a slightly lower dose of .75 vs 1mg. They think I may see less of a roller coaster with the smaller dose. Not ideal spending anytime off, but I feel confident that a week (particularly with some of it in Sun Valley!) will restore my platelets enough. And so this is the new roller coaster. A ride that comes with a side of nausea and an after effect of fatigue. It would sell well at Disneyland. But because I have the gift of time away from work, I have to admit that things that would have made me batshit crazy barely phase me. That is of course a choice, but still. Take for example the fabulous 50 minutes I spent on the phone with United Health at the end of which I still had to buy the medical supply with no reimbursement. Lymphedema is a lovely side effect of the removal of lymph nodes during breast cancer surgery. I staved it off for 5 years, but the trial drug we believe aggravated it and I have mild swelling in my left arm. It will come and go, but will always have to be managed. Lots of fluids and a good balanced diet will help, but when I fly and from time to time I will need a compression sleeve. Ah yes, you are thinking when you see the $250 price tag, this must be a high fashion item. Tres chic. Tres sexy. So you’ll forgive me for thinking the audacious thought that this might in fact be covered by my health insurance. But no. I could buy a cashmere sweater or a plane ticket to Santa Fe or……a compression sleeve and glove. Eh voila.

My cancer markers have continued to modestly decrease since Dec 23rd. This is good. And the rest of the labs look fine. We will take that as good enough for now.

imageTo distract myself, I’m going to delve back into my pictures from The Nature Conservancy preserve at Silver Creek in Idaho. I took these around 6pm from a canoe on the preserve. There wasn’t a soul on the creek save for a big moose and huge flocks of birds. It was 78 degrees cooled a bit by the light breeze off the water. The light on the hills changed at every turn.



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