Platelet Powerboost

Pre Hawaii to platelet count: 48

post Hawaii platelet count: 183

platelet booster: beach & sun & ocean magic


I was over the moon when I got my blood test and found I’d shot well beyond where i have been in months. So I’m 3 days back on the trial drug and hoping it can start to work magic on my spine. I will welcome it’s fatigue now. It has been 2 months since I did a real walk, and while I’m loving the deep water workouts I so want to get back to that good nature habit.  I’ve also just started A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.  Loving it as it is hard for me science put into English m.  On the music front, note that Birdseed will open for Poi Dog at The  Great American Music Hall at 8pm on Jan 29th. So fun!

I returned to the first signs of life in our garden as the teacup magnolia shot up one flower, the camellia exploded in big red blossoms, and the bright red blossom on my quince emerged  . Simple pleasures for the gardening nerd in me


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